About nRoutes:



“It’s not about the destination, but the journey to get there”


And We @nRoutes are here to make your journey stylish and trendy, so that you leave behind your individualist trait while enjoying the ride!


nRoutes is a small, humble startup which strives in bringing to you unique products that will become an integral part of your journey. We take pride in understanding you and your stories before bringing to you our products.


After launching an alluring collection of bags from statement clutches to practical handbags, from stylish slings to wonderful wallets, we bring to you fashion and imitation jewellery to compliment your style and blend in your individuality. So go ahead and indulge in our special hand-picked collection and make it your own.


We look forward to adding more line of products in future, which become emblem of relic and a part of your memories while you remain en route!


My Style Story @nRoutes



We want to be set apart from every “me-too-shopping-website”, which believes in bringing tons of products, without actual understanding their customer choice and the fashion trends.


Because we are adherent believers in bringing products that will appeal to our consumers, we take careful steps in handpicking our products and making them part of our collections. We love to bring to you exclusive products which reflect our customers taste and style, hence you will find limited quantities of each individual products.


Having said that, we want to continue being inspired by your choice, hence we give you a chance to share with us your likes, inspirations, stories and we will do our best to reflect them in our collections. Be it a colour combination that caught your eye or everyday objects that you would love to replicate in our products or an incident that left a mark on you, we are all ears in hearing your inspirations. So go ahead and share with us on mystylestory@nroutes.in


Not only are we looking for inspirations, we are also of strong opinion that our products will remain incomplete without a touch of individuality that each customer brings. We think of our customers as our own fashion stylist and brand ambassadors, who can make our products beautiful and appealing with their aura.


We encourage you to share with us and the world, how our products became souvenirs to your journey. Write to us at mystylestory@nroutes.in, because we would love to hear and of course see how did our products add a dash of beauty to your stunning look and how that moment become a memorable page in your style story!


Let the style exchange begin,


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So what are you waiting for?

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